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About Us


The knowledge and expertise of technical consultants to the therapeutic goods industry is a valuable resource which can contribute significantly to the industry as well as the regulatory arms of government in Australia and New Zealand

Government agencies traditionally keep informed and seek the views of "peak" organisations that represent a key sector of a particular industry. Companies or individuals that are not members of such peak bodies often are poorly informed and, because they cannot make their views known, they cannot contribute to the policy development process. Technical consultants who represent such companies or individuals, and who combine as an Association, are in a position to offer their clients an effective and important collective voice in the policy deliberations of government.

Although consultants are competitive in fees and services they share many interests in non-competitive fields: sharing information and experiences is clearly an advantage.


To provide an easily identifiable and efficient point of contact between technical consultants to the therapeutic goods industry and the public, the media, academia, industry and other associations and all levels of government in Australia and New Zealand;

To promote the preparation of more acceptable and successful applications and submissions to the TGA and Medsafe;

To promote and facilitate the timely exchange of information between technical consultants and the relevant regulatory agencies of government;

To offer the collective views of technical consultants on governmental policy, legislative and regulatory matters;

To maintain a Register of Members to promote the various services and skills of technical consultants to potential clients; and

To provide a member's forum for the exchange of information and views on all matters relevant to members' professional practices.